Web Vitals

Optimizing for the quality of UX (User Experience) is paramount for the long-term success of any site on the web and mobile.

As a marketing manager or a business owner, your focus must be on Web Vitals, which can help you quantify the experience of your site and identify opportunities for overall improvement.


Lighthouse Report of our E-commerce Client

Page Experience Signal

As a former CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for an IT Company based in Chicago, I used to evaluate many agencies to provide various services on both technical and functional skills as and when required.

As a continued practice, we regularly review nearby agencies in a quest to find where we stand - as per Page Experience Signal. The Page Experience Signal consists of the Core Web Vitals, as well as the following existing page experience metrics:

  • Mobile-friendliness

  • Safe-browsing

  • HTTPS-security

  • Intrusive interstitial guidelines


Page Experience an official Google Ranking factor


The page experience signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes the web more delightful for users across all web browsers and surfaces, and helps sites evolve towards user expectations on mobile.

Source: Google

Competitor Web Metrics

Below, we provide Core Web Vitals metrics across agencies (including ours)

Score Scale: 0-49 50-89 90-100

Company Name Performance Accessibility Best Practices SEO Download Report
NectarSpot Icon NectarSpot Inc. 99 100 100 100 Report
Modern Marketing Partners 23 87 80 91 Report
YouTech 1 81 67 84 Report
LLT Group 19 73 79 93 Report
Logical Position 12 94 73 92 Report
Launch Digital 12 89 67 93 Report
Rise Interactive 32 98 80 93 Report
Klique Creative 12 92 87 93 Report
Paul Gregory Media 0 67 87 91 Report
Rhea + Kaiser 45 85 87 98 Report

Note: The Core Web Vitals Report are taken between Feb - May 2021

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