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OrderZone engaged NectarSpot Inc over a year ago to provide various e-commerce related services, including: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) through better UX/UI design and custom HTML/CSS development for our e-commerce store; AWS hosting, Analytics services (Google Enhance e-commerce, Google Studio and Google Reviews) and Email Campaigns on Constant Contact and MailChimp/Mandrill.

We have found the results from these ongoing services above industry standards (for e.g. KPIs such as - cost reduction due to change in hosting service provider, email open and click rates and others, rapid turnaround time for development and support requests).

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Brent Ray

CEO, OrderZone LLC

 Email Services

NectarSpot team is proud to serve multiple clients, with overall experience of sending more than million emails on MailChimp, Constant Contact, Zoho Marketing, Dot Mailer, Amazon SES, Mandrill and other platforms across industries, domain and geographies.

Through our managed email marketing services, we are are committed to help your business succeed through:

- Email Campaign Planning

- Email Custom Design

- HTML/CSS Custom Coding

- Email List Management

- Email Optimization and A/B Testing

- Email Analytics & Reporting

- Set up Facebook Custom Audiences with MailChimp List

- Google Remarketing Ads on MailChimp

Whether you are looking for a custom template design to spice up your email marketing or help with integrating email into your e-commerce portal, web form, blog, or social media profiles – we can help.

Automation Partners

Source : eTail and Criteo, Trends in Digital Retail Report, 2015

  • Email marketing accounts for a significant portion of digital marketing spend, second only to search.
  • Email marketing delivers better Returns on Investment (R0I) than Search, Display and Social ads. The 17% share of marketing spend on email translates to a higher 24% share of revenues.

Email is a major channel for eCommerce Marketing

Why choose us for Conversion Optimization Projects?

Bringing a Customer First Philosophy to Email Marketing

Email is the one of the most powerful and lost cost way to build a long term relationship with your customer. Unlike other channels, a real person actually opts in, and prefer to communicate with your brand via email. By using email, your brand is creating a personal connection with your prospects and customers — engaging, nurturing and providing relevant and timely content through all stages of the buyer journey.

Your ROI is our mission

Your email marketing department should be obsessed with your return on advertising spend. If not, it’s high time that you start looking for agency that is passionate about generating results by tracking every single email being sent.
After 10,000+ hours of person experience, our team has access to best of class tools, frameworks and integrations to see which tweaks will have the biggest measurable impact on your email return on investment—and which won’t. Should you focus on your list size? Your open rate? Your click-through rate? Your inactive user rate? Or something entirely different?

Effective Email Marketing Strategies - Backed by Science

Do you know that more than 144 billion emails are sent every day ? To stand out from such noise, it’s pertinent for your brand to create resonating and high quality emails to your target segment.We execute email campaigns to get higher open and click rates by utilizing proven tactics such as – Personalization, A/B testing, Optimal time to send, CTAs (Call to Action), Responsive Design and Segmentation.

Email Marketing Services Testimonial

Best Practices to Create Custom Email Templates

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