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NectarSpot QA and Automation testing services help companies around the world build quality products and support existing applications (web, ecommerce, mobile and voice).


We conduct QA audits, provide standalone software QA, manual testing, and test automation services using agile testing methodology. Our process is as follows:

  • We perform automation testing on multiple OS, devices, and browsers.

  • We compare the testing output data with that expected data.

  • Identify how a function is affecting other functions.

  • Check interaction and integration of each component inside the website.

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(Testing Results for X-Browser / Platform compatibily)

Automation Testing for Mobile devices

Automation Testing for Desktop devices

Manual Testing for Desktop devices

Tools used for Automation Testing

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Cross-Platform Automation Testing for any website


Nectarspot testing team runs the automation test cases on a local device, an onsite Selenium Grid, and across all browsers and platforms. The Nectarspot automation comes with built-in Lambda test integrations.

The testing team performs automation testing on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based Selenium testing grid online.

Easily test website responsive as well on mobile devices on simulated or real devices using the Selenium WebDriver protocol built into Nectarspot.

Design and run the test cases from the local device or testing team can run it in the cloud of the Lambda test console.

The platform where can perform automation testing for websites for all browsers with multiple OS and devices using the Lambda test’s cloud services.

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Capture elements

The testing team can automatically find and click any button, any field, or image for the website.


Without wasted waiting time

The team using implicit wait to find the right object to be found before executing the next step in the test case without wasting time.


Testing cycle process of NectarSpot

The team follows the testing cycle process was to test a website need to refer to the planned and systematic testing process which has specific steps to be executed in a definite sequence to ensure that quality goals have been met.


Design re-usable test cases

  • Once write the use cases and that can be used for multiple websites.

  • To test any function once design the use cases and can use all browsers.


Test across all browsers and devices

Automatically test the website across any browser with 45+ android and ios devices with different screen resolutions and versions.


Run test cases anywhere, anytime

The Team can automatically run on both local, remote machines, and in closed networks, and the cloud. The timing and frequency of run schedules are completely customizable.


Live dashboard and reports

  • The testing team makes the right decisions with powerful live dashboards and reports.

  • Reports are exportable and fully customizable by using filtering and grouping options in the Lambda test dashboard.


Document the testing process

  • The testing team documents every testing process from day one of the testing processes for a website.

  • As well the test cases are automatically documented with video recordings, text logs, and time stamps on the Lambda test console. All the actions and events are recorded in audit trails. Replay and identify the bug.


Collaborate on Automation Testing

The teamwork is about working better together. That means the team can share assets of the project, easy hand-over, user roles, and access profiles.

Our Testing Cycle Process


NectarSpot's testing team refers to the planned and systematic testing process which has specific steps to be executed in a definite sequence to ensure that quality goals have been met. The testing process we follow is as follows:

  • Analyze the requirements
  • Become familiar with the application
  • Propose a solution
  • Planning
  • Design and Develop the test cases
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Execution
  • Testing documentation

Key characteristics of a website for testing

Nectarspot’s testing team works to tracing out the bugs on the overall website and identify how a function is working over another function. So our testing team follows some characteristics during testing a website.

  • Back-up and recovery
  • Responsiveness of elements
  • Content analysis
  • Product functionality
  • Web standard compliance
  • Browser compatibility
  • Session management
  • System Integration
  • Seasonal traffic fluctuation
  • Page display and user experience
  • Website/application performance
  • Shopping cart, payment, and calculations

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We are not just developers, but also we are performing QA and Automation testing for any eCommerce store. Once the eCommerce store is designed, the journey never ends. We will help you make design and development changes to your store whenever you are in need and also ensure that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs.

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