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OrderZone engaged NectarSpot Inc over a year ago to provide various e-commerce related services, including: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) through better UX/UI design and custom HTML/CSS development for our e-commerce store; AWS hosting, Analytics services (Google Enhance e-commerce, Google Studio and Google Reviews) and Email Campaigns on Constant Contact and MailChimp/Mandrill.

We have found the results from these ongoing services above industry standards (for e.g. KPIs such as - cost reduction due to change in hosting service provider, email open and click rates and others, rapid turnaround time for development and support requests).

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Brent Ray

CEO, OrderZone LLC

Voice Design & Development

NectarSpot has developed 25+ Alexa Skills for various customer audiences and continuously strives to make client organization’s products, services and content accessible through Voice using Amazon’s Alexa, Google Actions (commonly known as Google Home) and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Since 2016, our primary focus is Voice Design and Development which helps our client businesses reach new and existing customers effectively by creating a voice channel.

  • “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” according to comscore

Comprehensive Voice Services

Voice App Build & Implementation

NectarSpot Voice team provides end to end deisgn, build and implementation of voice apps across Amazon’s Alexa and Google Actions making your product accessible across platforms.

Voice Interaction Model Design

We understand the design challenges that come with voice interactions, we create a seamless voice experience for our customers.

Voice Prototype ( 3-7 days)

NectarSpot Voice team helps to build a voice prototype by bringing an idea to a working prototype for rapid MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Alexa Voice SDK integation

We understand how to integrate Alexa SDK to most of internet connected devices (IOT). We help our organizations to implement voice interactions.

Metrics Driven Approach

NectarSpot's Published Voice Solutions

NectarSpot Voice Development team has developed and published 25+ skills on Amazon’s Alexa Ecosystem:

1)Math Power — To memorize 12 by 12 standard multiplication table

2)Reverse Counter – Reverse countdown from 60 to 0.

3) Addition Quiz – To test addition skills for children and seniors

4) Subtraction Quiz – To test subtraction skills for children and seniors

5) Multiplication Quiz – To test multiplication skills for children and seniors

6) Division Quiz – To test division skills for children and seniors

Know more about our voice skills published on Amazon's Alexa

Key Steps to Develop Voice Experience Solutions

Voice Benchmark and Analyze Opportunities

NectarSpot’s Voice Expert will work with you to identify the best voice application(s), platform(s) and architecture after gathering voice requirement from business stakeholder(s). During this phase we take time to understand how Voice Application will align with your business requirements for long term scalable voice architecture.

Conversational Design and Rapid Prototyping

NectarSpot Voice Experts use NLP (Natural Language Processing) and sentiment analysis at its core to fuel conversational engagement thus helping to craft your voice application messaging process with specific steps in consideration for faster approval and publication of voice apps/ skill on Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Action platform.

Voice Development & Quality Assurance in Secured Environment

NectarSpot’s Voice team develops, deploys and rigorously tests all the mutually agreed upon functionalities in a pre-assigned secure sandbox while adhering to client’s testing frameworks thus ensuring client’s data security.

Voice App(s) / Skill(s) Publication, Distribution and Measuring Impact

NectarSpot’s Voice team will publish and launch your extensible conversation solutions on infrastructures like Amazon’s Alexa or/and Google’s Assistant. Once published, we help our client to collect tangible metrics to constantly benchmark and improve client’s user(s) voice experience through continuous feedback and iteration(s).

Amazon Echo Award

NectarSpot founder, Rakesh Kumar, receiving Amazon Echo from the organizer  after winning the contest at Amazon Partner meet 2017, Chicago

Voice Architecture of Skill 'Math Table' published by NectarSpot on Amazon Alexa

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