Amazon A+ Content

A+ Content enhances your product descriptions and details with Images, Video’s, Comparison charts and more in Amazon Seller Central.

Why do we need to use A+ Content in Amazon?

It increases in conversion with a 10% sales rate. It also helps your customers learn more about your product(s) but also benefits in SEO. Amazon A+ Content is indexed by Google and can appear in Google Search Results.

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content:

  • High conversion rates
  • Better customer experience
  • Mobile optimization
  • Brand Awareness
  • Better Ad Returns

Steps to create and publish A+ content in Amazon seller account

Step 1

Login to your Amazon Seller Account

Step 2

Click on Advertising menu from the home page and select A+ Content option

Step 3

Select A+ content you want to create either in Basic or Brand Story for additional content.

Step 4

Add Module as Logo, Comparison chart, Image or Video, Product Description and many more. Remember few guidelines while creating the module:

  • You can create 12 basic modules.
  • Only 5 Modules allowed per page.
  • Maximum content width should be 970 pixel with HD Image

Step 5

Image size requirement for Amazon

  • Logo: 600 x 180 Pixels
  • Banner: 970 x 300 Pixels
  • Comparison Chart: 150 x 300 Pixels
  • 4-Image & Text Module: 220 x 220 Pixels
  • 4-Image Quadrant: 135 x 135 Pixels
  • All others: 300 x 300

Step 6

Once you create your content with product description, Images click on Next Apply ASIN’s Button on top right.

Step 7

Now select and apply your product’s ASIN on which you want apply or add your content

Step 8

Once done, submit and approve your content, publish the A+ Content, wait for 2days and the A+ content will be published on the respective product.

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