Schema Markup

When the user search for a particular local business in the Google, then a set of data regarding that business appears in the Google results. This happens because of the structured data. We should generate schema for the results to appear. Below are the steps to generate the schema. Below are the steps used to generate schema and integrate with GTM.

Steps to Generate schema and integrate with GTM

Step 1

Go to the below URL and fill the details of the local business.

Step 2

Login to the Google Tag Manager

Step 3

Create a Tag. Give the Tag Type as Custom HTML and paste the code which is generated while following the above steps. Give the Firing Triggers as All Pages.

Step 4

Save and publish the changes.

Steps to check whether schema is present on the website

Step 1

Install the app “Schema Builder for Structured Data” from the Google Chrome

Step 2

Open the required page and click on the extension. If the schema is present, app will detect the it automatically when the page loads.

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