Steps to add set up Conversion Funnels on Google Analytics

Get 10 digit account number (on top right of the page)

Funnels or goals help us, by giving us a visual representation of the conversion data between each step. This allows us to: Know what steps are causing customer confusion or trouble. Figure out what language or copy might be altering our customer’s emotional behavior during checkout or sign up. To be aware of bugs, browser issues and other technical nuisances.

You will receive an invitation from the agency to join or link your adWords with their MCC.

Once you have sent your 10 digit ‘Customer ID’ to your marketing agency point of contact, confirm with the agency manager that your account has been linked with their MCC account ? As soon as the agency has added your account in their MCC, go to your account settings on top right to give access to the certified agency as a ‘Client Manager

Follow the steps to set up a goal:

Open the google analytics account and click on the goals in the admin settings

Now you can find the goals, where you can setup the goals.

Now click on new goal and create your first goal

Now select according to your setup how you want the goal to be !!

Now hit continue after selecting your template, if it is custom then the goal description everything should be given

Now give the goal description and give what type of goal required in the checkbox, for example if you want to track whole site from source to destination page then click destination, and hit continue.

After selecting destination type you can give any value,and you need to on your funnel option.

You need to add another step till a limit of 20 steps of the pages you want to track till the destination. for example, home page to payment page.

Note: while giving the description name and urls, you should not give the whole url of your page

Ex: – > this is wrong format,You need to give it as /home – > This will help you tracking

In order to check your goals (or) funnel visualization, go to conversions -> goals -> funnel visualization

This flow will help you to find the recordings perfectly

Once the funnel is set up after 24 hours you can find the funnel how it is showing the response With a goal conversion.

Through this report you can get how many landing on your page and how many are existing at which page. you can find the complete flow from the landing page to destination page how the visitor is going on your ecommerce site.

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