How To Track Phone Number Clicks On a Mobile Website in Adwords?

Step 1: Login into your Adwords Account.

Step 2: Click on Tools tab

Tools > Conversions

Step 3: Click on the + Conversion

Step 4 : Click on Phone calls and Hit Select button.

Step 5 : Select Clicks on your number on your mobile website and hit Continue.

STEP 6 : Now just give the Count , Value , Name , Category , Conversions as per your requirement. And Hit Save and Continue.Then it shows you review your conversion settings. And even a edit option to edit your settings.

STEP 7 : Down of edit settings you can find install your tag, Just save the google snippet conversion code and Hit DONE. And then place it on your website to track your phone call conversions.

STEP 8 : Now place the snippet code between yourtags in Your Website

STEP 9 : Now you should add the code for the button or link which your Using for your phone conversions.

Add the code to a text link:

In the code below, replace “” with the URL for your website or telephone link, and replace “Download now!” with your link text.

1. <a onclick= ”goog_report_conversion (‘ link’)” href s= ””> Download now! </a>

2. <a onclick= ”goog_report_conversion (‘tel:000-123-4567’)” href=”#”> Call now! </a>

Add the code to a button:

In the code below, replace “” with the URL for your website or telephone link, and replace “Download now!” with your button text.

1. <buttononclick= ”goog_report_conversion (‘ = ””> Download now! </button> Or:

2. <button onclick= ”goog_report_conversion (‘tel:000-123-4567’)”> Call 000-123-4567 </button>

3. 000-123-4567</button>

STEP 10 : For the tracking to work, you’ll need to include both the conversion tracking tag and the appropriate onclick code from one of the examples above. This tells AdWords to record a conversion only when a customer clicks on a chosen link or button

You can check your conversions using google tag assistant in your chrome….!!! For validation of your tags.

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