Steps for redesigning a website using Zoho Sites

1. Login to your Zoho account

Login to your Zoho account using "". After login

2. Click on "Create New Website"

After login, the below dashboard appears. Click on Create New Website.

3. Select the theme

We need to select inbuilt themes. Give the name to the theme.

4. Add the sections

Drag and drop the pre-built sections, elements and forms as per the requirement and change the images and content.

5. Change the styles using Visual Editor

Click on the icon which is marked on the below screenshot to change the styles. We can change the color combination, font family and other styles using the visual editor.

6. Integrate forms

We can integrate forms with Zoho Forms, Zoho CRM or Bigin Forms. For that, we need to create the form in the above mentioned platforms as per our requirement and embed the code here.

7. Update DNS Settings

After designing the website and integrating the forms, we need to map the CNAME and update the DNS settings to configure the domain with Zoho Sites.

Challenges faced while redesigning the website using Zoho Sites

  • When we want to add the custom snippet, we need to give both styles and html at one place. We cannot separate stylesheet and HTML code.

  • We cannot add much javascript and effects.

  • We cannot add styles to the pre-built sections and elements available in the Zoho Sites.

  • Much customizations are not possible in the Zoho Sites.

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