Uses of Sign up forms in Klaviyo

Sign up forms are designed to maximize submissions, collect more useful information, and increase the sales.

Steps to create Sign up forms and integrate with Shopify

Step 1

The first step is to create a list in Klaviyo. From the Klaviyo dashboard, go to Lists & Segments and click on create a list.

Step 2

Create a Sign-up form. We can build the form from scratch or select any one of the in-built templates available in Klaviyo.

Step 3

After selecting the sign-up form, we should give "Name" and "Subscriber List". Select the list which we have created earlier in the Step 1.

Step 4

After creating the sign up form. Click on the "Install Code Snippet", which is present on the top right to embed it on your Shopify website.

Step 5

After clicking on the "Install Code Snippet" button, a popup will appear where we can find the script to be added on the website. Add that script on the required page before the </body> tag. We also need to give the website link to verify the installation.

Step 6

After following the Step 5, the popup appears on the website. Once the customer submits their email id, their response will get recorded in the list which was created in the Step 1.

Step 7

Now we need to create a "Flow" in Klaviyo. Go to "Flows" from Klaviyo dashboard and click on "Create Flow" button.

Step 8

Create the flow from scratch as per your requirement. Assign the email template created in Step 9.

Step 9

We also need to create an email template to customers who signs up in the Sign Up form appeared on the Shopify website. This email template will be sent to the customer when they signs up the form.


By following all the above steps, we can create a signup form, and those deatils will be saved to the list. An email template will be sent to the members in the list as soon as they submit their email id.

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