Steps to automation studio in salesforce marketing cloud (ExactTarget) to create workflow for an automated email marketing campaign

So far we have seen how to create Journey builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Now its time to automate activities of your email campaign using Automation Studio

"Automation Studio is a Marketing Cloud application used to execute multi-step marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis. Use Automation Studio workflow canvas to build simple or multi-step automations."

So here we are in the main dashboard of automation studio where you can find status different automation

We have two types of automation one is Scheduled and other is Triggered

"Schedule Automation is ones that you execute based upon the specific recurring schedule."
"Triggering Automation allows us to listen a file drop on a secure FTP side."

You can build automations using automation activities such as send email, import file, or SQL query. configure and manage automation activities on the activities page.

Let’s go with the activity SQL Query to configure your campaign:

SalesForce > Journey Builder > Automation Studio > Activities > SQL Query

"SQL Query : A query is an activity that retrieves data extension or data view information matching your criteria, then includes that information in a data extension. Provide a name, external key, and description to identify and describe the activity within the application interface and for API calls. A query activity executes your SQL statements for up to 30 minutes. Query activities exceeding this limit display an error status and do not output results."

Create SQL query and give location to save your query and target to the DE you want to place it in folder

The query can be in the below format if you want to exclude one DE from Another DE using Event id’s


object.[Field Name]

from [Table Name] as object


object.[Field Name] NOT IN {

SELECT object. Field Name From Table Name as object

Where obj.Event ID= ‘ ’

AND obj.RegistrationStatus= 1

And obj.Registrationtype= ‘’

Click on run once and you can see the new list in your data extension list.

For Making the particular List Dynamic (Automatically the record count of subscribers changes)

Create new automation > drag send email and select your particular campaign > schedule them with start and end date > drag SQL query to integrate it to the automation campaign.

That’s it your Email Campaign is ready to go now from SalesForce Marketing Cloud – Exact Target

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