What are Zoho Bookings?

Zoho Booking is a appoinment scheduling software that will keep with up busy schedules of all your customers or staff memebers at one place. It gives the customers the best booking experience to schedule their appoinments for their services.

What is Zoho Books?

Zoho Books is a simple one-stop online platform accounting software application that syncs and manages your accounting tasks, allows to create and organize transaction and send invoices.

Why we are using Zoho Books for integration?

The payments in Zoho Bookings are handled via Zoho Checkout, to get auto-generated invoices to admin and the customer for the service they scheduled an appointment.

1. With Zoho Books, you can save and track the customer and payment details .

2. Can assign taks to sales team and generate invoice for the payment for the sales happened.

3. Get all the required functionalities under one roof and the overall revenue which shows how your business is processing.

Steps to get Sales Invoices using zapier for integrating Zoho Bookings integration with Zoho Books

1. Login to Zoho Booking and and click on Settings.

2. Click on Others for integrations and connect Zapier.

3. Now, click on connect for integrating Zoho Bookings to Zoho Books.

4. Connect with your Zoho Booking and Zoho books account from Zapier

5. Customize your zap with Zoho books, you can edit your zoho books fields if needed.

6. Once you are done with your Zap settings, Click on Zapier Logo and it will provide you with Zapier dashboard to create Zap as per your requirements.

7. Here, we have taken the trigger to create a sales invoice in Zoho Books when an appointment is booked in Zoho Bookings.

8. Once the trigger is created and tested, make an action where you want that trigger to be under action.

9. Now, make an action to get notified once this triggering process is done. Send email to the admin with the details of the appointment booked.

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