Past Event – Download Event Presentation : Small Biz Summer School by Google (Jul 25, 2018 – Naperville, IL )

NectarSpot is a GYBO Official Partner
  • July 25, 2018
  • 11 AM CST
  • 50 S Main St, STE 200, Naperville, IL 60540
  • +1 630 999 7768

Event Details and Recordings are available for Viewing

Note : Thanks for joining the event Small Business Summer School livestream event conducted at NectarSpot offices last week.

You may download slide deck that we presented, along with this handy one-sheeter we put together, to recap some key points from each of the speakers.
If you missed it, or just want to re-watch/share it, the event recording is available for viewing here.


Small Biz Summer GYBO Event conducted by NectarSpot on 25th Jul 2018



During this livestream event, learn to boost your online presence, reach more customers and gear up for a successful holiday season from experts at Google, Constant Contact, Vistaprint and LinkedIn.

We will have team members on hand to talk to you after the presentation, answer any questions and provide you any additional information.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in 2018

Event Location and Time

Location : NectarSpot Offices at 50 S Main St , STE 200, Naperville IL 60540 (map)

Date and Time : 25th Jul 2018 ; 11 am – 1 pm CT


Get a complimentary  30 minute  marketing consultation and an audit report from our expert  who has been awarded by LinkedIn Pro as ‘Best of 2017 & 2016’ in various categories including – ‘Marketing Consulting’, ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Lead Generation’.

Learn how other organizations are partnering with us for turnkey marketing services and solutions impacting real business outcomes.

NectarSpot team quickly set up a Google campaign for us. After setting up our first campaign, they put together dashboards for us to stay in the loop. Our costs per click and impression were much lower that any of our previous campaigns! I’d recommend working early in your digital advertising with someone like them, rather than wasting ad-spend doing it yourself, like we did.

Ryan Frederickson
CEO, ArT Wine Preserver