User Experience (UX) Conversion Optimization

Project Title : Conversion Optimization Customer research for membership driven e-Commerce Portal.

Objective : Leverage online influencers and advocates to enchant a new generation of retail customers and increase cross-selling/up-selling opportunities.

Before NectarSpot Conversion Optimization UX team started the project with an objective to eliminate conversion obstacles, we started to to identify them. In order to identify them, we conducted A/B research — on how customers are interacting with the current e-store. In order for the proejct to go smoothly, our team realized it is necessary to define the primary objectives and metrics to improve before we begun execution.

The project goals were pretty clear – increase the conversion i.e. increase sales/page visit and also improve supporting engagement indicators, total time of stay per page, lead contact forms filled, or number of total shares etc.

We realized in middle of the project – to track every single user engagement metrics, it’s going to be very time consuming, super expensive and the analytics team is going to end up with a lot of useless data and not a lot of insights!

By setting website goals up front, our team provided a structure and framework for the things that the analytics team is going to track and make sure that we are getting valuable insights out of the entire life-cycle of the project.

Key metrics that we were focused on:
User / Member activation: Where are users / members dropping off when they’re onboarding again on membership portal?
User / Member retention: Which members are likely to come back and which members are likely not to come back?
User / Member referrals: Which members are the most likely to invite other friends to use the membership portal?
User / Member engagement: Which features are members using the most or the least?

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NectarSpot team made the process very easy and concurred with us during each stage of Web design and development. The final outcome is a very responsive branded website with a modern layout and a better user experience.
The team at NectarSpot has an excellent eye for design plus attention to details and we are proud of the outcome!

Thank you NectarSpot for your “top notch”work.

CEO, Inspired Home Care , USA

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