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Project Title

How a Fast Growing Funded SaaS Company grew it's customer based by 1200% in span of six months

Client Objective:

The client, – a leading cloud based hotel management software company, was getting unqualified leads leading to lower ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Mr. Sourav Goswami, C.E.O. of requested NectarSpot team to provide audit and insights that may lead to higher conversions and get better qualified leads.

Audit Results

  • Keyword Structure – Unorganized keyword structure (duplicate keywords, absence of negative keywords) and unmapped Ad Groups with SAAS product lines resulted in increasing overall cost structure
  • Tracking – Conversion Tracking for both mobile and Web traffic were not working (due to recent Web page upgrades) and hence no insights in which ad groups or keywords were providing best ROAS
  • Settings – During first time installation, the client chose (in Campaign settings) – both targeting Search and Display Network combined which led to inefficient bidding leading to lower ROAS with impression share less than 15% and Top of Page Rate at 51%
  • Bid Strategy – The client had not chosen correct bid strategy (target CPA) as the conversions were not working properly and relying on manual CPC resulting in lower ROAS


  • Keyword Structure – Unorganized keyword structure (duplicate keywords, absence of negative keywords) and unmapped Ad Groups with SAAS product lines resulted in increasing overall cost structure
  • Post 30 days conversion tracking code implementation through GTM (Google Tag Manager),NectarSpot’s AdWords certified team made a list of high/low performing Keywords and ad copies.

    With data in hand, the team were able to decide what percentage of the keywords, ad copies were actually converting and whether it makes sense to spend money on rest of the non-converting keywords or not?

  • During this time frame, NectarSpot’s team also analyzed keyword match type options and made sure

    hat there is no excessive usage of Broad match type terms. Based on the statistics gathered, the team re-worked on implementing more specific match type keywords like phrase matches and exact matches.


NectarSpot Email Marketing team designed, created and executed segmentation and automation email campaigns.

NectarSpot team created UTM parameters in email links and created ‘Email’ channel for better attribution and data driven insights through API integration with Google Analytics.


  • By setting up ‘Main Site Link’ feed correctly, overall CTR increased by 250% over six month time frame
  • By setting up ‘call tracking’ on mobile ads, overall 500% increase in total number of qualified leads
  • By setting up Day-Parting techniques (mirroring website activity across geographies) to match client’s users search behavior
  • By increasing CTAs button on 4+ landing pages and implementing event tracking (through GTM) resulted in higher web and mobile conversions
  • By implementing bulk editing feature (bulk uploads, API and Scripts), NectarSpot team helped the client save time by simultaneously updating multiple items across multiple campaigns.

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NectarSpot team made the process very easy and concurred with us during each stage of Web design and development. The final outcome is a very responsive branded website with a modern layout and a better user experience.

The team at NectarSpot has an excellent eye for design plus attention to details and we are proud of the outcome! Thank you NectarSpot for your “top notch”work.


CEO, Inspired Home Care , USA

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