PalmLeaf Massage Clinic

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PalmLeaf Massage Clinic

At PalmLeaf Massage Clinic their specialty is Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. It’s a clinical therapeutic massage, one of the most impactful methods for tackling chronic pain and the lingering effects of injuries.

Services Provided

Trigger Point Therapy Relieves Chronic Pain

Painful muscles and stiff joints discourage exercise, which leads to more pain and more stiffness. Therapeutic massage can help you get back to a regular exercise routine by reducing muscle pain and increasing flexibility.

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At PalmLeaf Massage Clinic, they invite you and your loved ones to experience an expertly trained massage therapist in a welcoming environment.

Their customers say it best; read thier glowing reviews.

By the way, 60 minutes means 60 minutes of hands-on treatment time, not 50 minutes like some places. Treat someone you love!


Contact Us

+1 630 999 (7768)
50 S Main St. Suite 200 Naperville
IL 60540
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