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NectarSpot team successfully re-branded and revamped our old website to a fast loading and aesthetically pleasing within a short time frame of four weeks. NectarSpot designers and developers created a distinct UI/UX landing pages that communicates our brand as an established brand identity helping us to get more conversions. Our end users appreciate the site’s unique and polished presentation through an informative, well laid-out content and beautifully designed pages that helps a seamless interaction .
The team is extremely organized and communicative and working with their team was seamless and highly collaborative. Their team is both technically and creatively talented.
After creating relevant landing pages and revamping the entire site, NectarSpot is helping us to generate qualified leads through Google Ads campaign. We see a definitive increase in key web metrics such as higher conversion rate, lower bounce rate and higher engagement. We would highly recommend NectarSpot to anyone looking to up-brand their digital identity and get qualified leads.

Roy Lingam
CEO, DelphiUsmle

Data VisualizationData Visualization and Reporting

Data Visualization (Data Viz) and Analytics is science of analytical reasoning made possible by the use of interactive visual interfaces. Our team of data scientists and analysts execute projects in data visualization as – visual interrogation of data, looking for abnormalities, gaps, clusters, and data patterns.
The Data Visualization team at NectarSpot provides that inside knowledge as to how to design that effective and visual marketing dashboards, how to aggregate insights into exciting, visual reports, and how to choose the most effective metrics to communicate in their presentations, in their stories.

See beyond the obvious with visual analytics

From Google Data Studio installations to Big Data Visualization projects, NectarSpot is a data-driven marketing agency that works hard to find insights and patterns in your sales and marketing data.

Patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and recognized easier with data visualization exercise.

Virtuous Cycle of Data Viz

  • Forage for Data
  • Explore Data
  • Visualize the Data
  • Gain Insights
  • Act on Insights
  • Repeat the Process

Transform your Data to Life

We help you to transform your organization’s data into rich visuals for you to make right decisions (at right time before it’s too late):

  • Spot Trends as they happen
  • Find what effects your Top-Line
  • Stay in the Know through Data Board
  • Get insights on Bottom-Line Performance
  • Understand Trends, Patterns and make correlations

Numerical quantities focus on expected values, graphical summaries on unexpected values.” – John Tukey, Exploratory Data Analysis, 1977

Your Web / Mobile page looks great. But the next big question is how do you move your prospects customers on to bigger things – like clicking on ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) buttons, submitting a form or completing a purchase?

With more granular and segmented data, it’s now easier to analyze, visualize and ultimately change how visitors behave on your website.

This is what we do best – deriving insights from large data sources such as web logs. By combining web logs with more traditional customer / inventory/ advertising cost data, we can better understand customers and understand how to optimize future promotions and advertising. Through data analytics and it’s visualization through Tree Maps we demonstrate how an e-retailer can optimize buying paths to reduce bounce rate and ultimately improve conversion in long run.


Clickstream data is an information trail a user leaves behind while visiting a website or your mobile App. It is typically captured in semi-structured website log files and capturing events.

These website log files contain data elements such as a date and time stamp, the visitor’s IP address, the URLs of the pages visited, and a user ID that uniquely identifies the user.


Our data science team refine and analyze clickstream data, over a period of time, using various tools and frameworks. They then answer business questions such as:

  1. What is the most efficient path for a site visitor to research a product, and then buy it?
  2. What products do visitors tend to buy together, and what are they most likely to buy in the future?
  3. Where should I spend resources on fixing or enhancing the user experience on my website?

Things to Look For in a Data Viz Agency

How do you chose a data visualization agency who can bring your marketing and sales data to life – thus providing valuable information and insights. How to make sure your agency understands that data viz is more than charts and graphs?

Following questions may help you narrow down your search for the right data visualization agency:

  • Demonstrate data expertise?
  • Turn data into stories?
  • Design Data according to best practices?
  • Work in different mediums?
  • Have well thought processes?
  • Have certified analysts?
  • Have partnerships with data viz platforms?
  • Approach project as collaborative process?

Comparative Analysis (Representative)

  • NectarSpot Data Viz Services
  • Other Agencies

Looking for an experienced Data Visualization Agency who can turn your Data to Insights?