Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is used to automate marketing processes such as customer onboarding, segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management – thus increasing productivity and sales*.


Pic Source : Dotmailer - The marketing automation platform that empowers serious marketers (NectarSpot is a proud Dotmailer Partner)

Modern organizations use marketing automation to makes processes, that would have otherwise been performed manually,  much more efficient, and makes new processes seamless.

We help our client organizations through marketing automation to:

  • Create Welcome Message 
  • Create personalized notifications
  • Reward Loyal Customers
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Specific Product / Category Followup
  • Educate about new product/services introducted
  • Support Customer Journey for cross and up selling 

*As per MailChimp ‘automations’ can lead to nearly 16x more orders.

'Top of Mind' Drips

Top-of-the-mind-drips help your leads engage with your brand throughout entire sales process and beyond.

Educational Drips

Educational Drips provide relevant service and/or product information to prospects during their path to purchase.

Re-engagement Drips

Re-engagement drips are designed to bring back the interest of your cold leads and thus helping you to increase your top-line revenue.

Competitive Drips

Competitive Drips target your competitor’s customer with the benefits of your service and/or products with an intent to make a switch.

Promotional Drips

Promotional drips entice prospects with limited run promotions and special pricing offers for new or existing products / services.

Training Drips

Training Drips can be used for new or existing clients or internally use to move users through a training program.


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Great experience with their (NectarSpot) ability to optimize the google AdWords campaign. Thorough, professional, and really willing to listen to the need of the client. They are super responsive and invested in making the marketing efforts work. Even before hiring them, they took time to explain why and how they could bring value. There was no oversell and they have more than lived up to the expectations set. Highly recommend!

S. Kasturi
CEO, KasturiLaw LLC

Why choose us for marketing automation services

Implementation Experience

Don’t let your lack of marketing automation implementation and integration experience limit your imagination. We make it so easy to use that most of advanced marketing tasks become easy.

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Email Marketing and More

We help our client organizations design and build automated campaigns to send customized, personalized and optimized messages to multiple channels and applications.

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E-Com Automation

Our partner platform (Dotmailer) provides the tools and flexibility you need to become a smarter marketer. Dotmailer’s ‘Commerce Flow’ now works with 50% of the world’s leading online stores.

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