How to create Campaigns in MailChimp

Step 1:

Login with your MailChimp Account at

Step 2: 

Click on to Create a Campaign..

Step 3: 

Now you can choose your type of campaign category to send as Below…

Step 4:

If you have decided to go on with Regular Campaign then Choose a list to whom you are sending to!!

Step 5:

Click on Entire list or Saved/Prebuild Segment or Group/New Segment.

Click and create New segment for the campaign to whom you want to  send

Step 6:

To proceed click on Next or Setup in progress bar.

Step 7:

Now in Setup step you can fill all your campaign information as below..

Step 8:

Then select a template to your campaign to look beautiful!!!

On Basic tab you can just drag and drop templates..

-Clicking on Template can select your predefined templates..

Select template from saved or imported templates..

For Campaign tab you can use your recently sent/draft Campaign.

Click on Code your Own where you can import/paste code for Template

Step 9:

Once you have selected your template now you can Design where you can create and customize your campaign content.. As below

Step 10:

Completed designing your campaign!?!! Then it’s time for you to confirm your Campaign on progress bar!!!!

Step 11:

Review the Predelivery checklist before sending your Campaign…you can resolve it by fixing errors as shown below..

Step 12:

That’s it now you can decide either to Send the Campaign immediately or you want to Schedule it for the next time!!!!!

The above all steps are repeated for all the remaining types of campaign with slight differences…Let’s find out what are those??

Step 13:

With the Plain-Text Campaign you need to give a plain-text version of your Message…

Click on File manager where you can select or copy url or either can import new url upload once your are ready to paste in your content for your campaign!!!

Step 14:

To present your content in a best way create A/B Testing Campaign with just picking a variable which you want to test…

Step 15:

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Campaign tells you to use merge tag to pull the content from the updated RSS fee as below…

That’s it!!! Hope now you can create an awesome Campaign….

Thank you..for sharing your valuable time with us…. Visit again!!!!!!!


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