How to create automated email marketing using dotmailer ?

Want to make good email marketing campaigns and automate them , then use Dotmailer as a Platform

Dotmailer is marketing automation platform , designed to meet the needs and requirements of top email marketing professionals ,like Mailchimp and Constant Contact

Dotmailer gives you the following benefits:

  • dotmailer is so easy to use that advanced marketing tasks become easy.
  • Build and send beautiful, personalized, optimized messages to multiple channels and applications.
  • It provides the tools and flexibility you need to become a smarter e-commerce marketer.
  • You can integrate it with your existing e-commerce and business platforms.

Let’s get started with the procedure…

Step 1: Create a account in Dotmailer and login to the dashboard.

Step 2: You will find the following tabs in Dotmailer dashboard.

  • Campaigns
  • Automation
  • Contacts
  • Reporting
  • Survey and Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • SMS
  • Transactional Emails

Step 3: Let’s get started with Campaigns , You can build templates with a simple drag and drop options or you can choose saved predefined templates or can upload your own design. You can repeat this procedure from any of the following campaign

  • My Campaign
  • New Campaign
  • My Templates

 other options ..

  • Image Manager – where you can upload images for your template usage
  • Advance feature – Includes Google analytics tracking,adding Javascript code and feeds for your website

Step 4: Next, Automation you can do automation for your email marketing within seconds

  • You can visually map out by drag and drops of nodes and build a journey where you can reach more customers who are interested in your created  events

Step 5: Upload your contacts with whom you want to do the marketing or you can integrate your website with signup forms

Step 6: Reporting you can see your campaign open and clicks reports.

Step 7: Surveys and Forms and Landing Pages can choose already built templates and can edit according to your style or format.

Step 8: SMS you can send a text for your contacts or subscribers

Step 9: Next, Transactional Emails here you can create new users within credential tab and track the customers open and click rates

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