How to Create Account on GitHub

Step 1:

Login to your GitHub Account at

Step 2:

Create a New Repository.

Step 3:

Fill up all the details and tick mark the check boxes other than Private and click create repository.

Step 4:

Download windows Git from .Git-Bash emulator is used to run Git from the command line.

Step 5:

After installing GitBash , follow the steps:

  • $git config –global “xyz”
  • $git config –global “”  
  • $cd Desktop                 // if you want to create a folder on your                                               desktop for your project
  • Copy the code from Github clone
  • $git clone
  • $cd test                        //It will create a folder name “test”


  • $ls
  • $vim       //(text editor) where you can change or                                 edit your text for you project  
  • i-for inserting the text
  • Esc-escaping from insert mode
  • 😡                             //used to skip from insert mode to the                                          command mode.
  • $git status            // to get status of your folder
  • $git add
  • $git log     // it creates origin master    
  • $git push -u origin master     // to give credential to push

                                                         data into Github

  •  Give you Username and Password

Bingo!! you have done everything to upload your file to GitHub Remotely


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