How to add and test AdWords Conversion Tag Through GTM (Google Tag Manager)?


Login to your Google Adwords account.



Click on tools tab

                             Tools – >
                                              Conversions – >
                                                                          +conversion to create first conversion and save.

Step 3 :
When you start creating a new conversion,As per your requirement you can select any of the conversion sources.

Now you can customize several options for your conversion.
Such as Name,value,count,conversion window,etc.

Step 5:
Copy and paste code separately in the notepad for easy reference

Step 6:
Now within your site’s container in GTM, add a new tag

Step 7:
You will now see different tags that can be created.Choose Google Adwords

Step 8:
Add the ID and Label which you got from the code

Step 9:
Now add the trigger to this tag where you want to fire on the page.
Choose the trigger type PageView.You can go with All pages or Some pages and save it.

Step 10:
Now go to live preview without publishing it and check whether the tag is fired or not!!!!

That’s it all done!!! Now your website is ready with all improvement….

Thank you for your precious time for the review.. Visit Again!!!

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